Android & ios Mass For The Dead Chinese v1.35.101 (Mod Apk)

Mass For The Dead Chinese

Mass For The Dead Chinese v1.35.101 (Mod Apk) ▼New original plot
Authorized by the animation of “OVERLORD”, and specially invited the original novelist of “OVERLORD” “Maruyama くがね” to supervise the new original plot, so that players can have a new story experience beyond the original animation plot. The background of the story tells the story of a busy salesperson “Suzuki Satoru”. In the smashing online game “YGGDRASIL”, on the day of the end of operations, he stayed alone in the guild to remember the past. But as the game ended, I realized that I couldn’t log out. The scene before my eyes was the collapsed underground tomb of Nazarick, and the bodies of all the guardians. In this collapsed world, players will challenge the difficult tasks and experience the ever-growing adventure with the magic chanter-“flying squirrel”, who is transformed into a skeleton.

▼Full of strategic turn-based commanded battles
“MASS FOR THE DEAD” adopts the classic Japanese-style RPG turn-based combat gameplay, using attribute restraint and using skills and profundity according to the battle situation to attack levels.
Support up to 4 people to fight together, come and challenge powerful enemies with your partners!

▼Increased intimacy to unlock character exclusive plot
By interacting with the characters and playing together, you can increase your intimacy with the characters. When the intimacy reaches a certain level, you can unlock the exclusive character plot, allowing players to experience the “Nazarick Underground Tomb” that you don’t know.
※Not all characters have intimacy and exclusive character plots.

▼Super luxury voice actors lineup
Hino Tsu / Hara Yumi / Uesaka Misato / Kato Hidemi / Uchiyama Yumi / Kato Masayuki / Miyake Kenta / Chiba Shigeru / Igarashi Hiromi / Komatsu Mikako / Numakura Aimi / Seto Asami / Sakura Ayane / Higashiyama Kei / Kusumi Naomi/ Amemiya Tian/ Ishii Kosuke/ Yasano Nozino/ Aisaka Ryota/ Inaba Misaki/ Koyasu Takeshi/ Shirakuma Hiroki/ Yuki Bi/ Yusa Koji/ Kokimizu/ Saitou Kimiko/ Hanamori Yuzuri/ Ibara Nobuya/ / Ishigami Shizuka / Tomita Misou / Watanabe Akino / Takano Marika / M・A・O / Kotsu Kazuyuki / Hanae Natsuki / Tamura Mushin / Takeuchi Ryota / Asaka Junpei / Sakurai Tosuru / Miyano Mamoru
(Not in order)

▼Official information
Official website:
Official fan page:

※The plot of this game involves a violent plot, and is classified as supplementary 15 levels according to the game software classification management method
※This game is free to download and play. There are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items in the game.
※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid indulging inMass For The Dead
Mass For The Dead
Mass For The Dead
Mass For The Dead
Mass For The Dead
Mass For The Dead

MOD Features*
Mod Menu
>Weakened Enemy (One Hit Kill included)


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