Boyfriend Accidentally Hits You (Fighting) (Apology) (Making Up) (Jealous Girlfriend) Boyfriend ASMR Apk Mod

TW: boyfriend accidentally hits you (but no abuse)

Summary: You fell asleep watching a show w your mans. He realises he’s late for the gym and whilst he tries to get up, he wakes you up. You don’t want him to leave and maybe are a little jealous of his personal trainer. He reassures you and gets up to go but you try playfighting him. He gets a bit aggressive and pins you. When he lets you go, you try playing some more and he accidentally hits you. and i oop-

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– Tsundere boyfriend asks to cuddle after a nightmare (shy) (embarassed) (asking to be held)
– Crush confesses while you sleep (bittersweet) (shy) (waking up together)
– Hot-headed tsundere pins you (what are you doing here?) (No, this is MY room) (oops) (Grumpy) (Mean to Wholesome) (secretly trying to spend time with you)
– “You Thought I Would Hit You?” Boyfriend Finds You Crying (Accidentally Broke A Vase) (Comfort For Abuse) (TW)

Playfighting. A way to a mans heart. And a way to get your nose broken.
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE doing it. Slight issue though. I can’t . Like if a girl tries “wrestling” me for fun, Idc bruv, I’m not holding back. You about to get hit with a chokeslam and then I’ll backflip onto your corpse and do fortnite dances over your decomposing body as a victory celebration.

I take these fights very seriously. Like I ain’t in this relationship to take Ls, so you gotta be taking one for the team. But dw, I’ll cuddle you after to make the boo-boo’s go away 😉

I have an addiction to watching shitty soap operas. Oh my days. These lot are the most dramatic mfs I have EVER seen bruh.
In this one drama, the one woman was arguing with her mother in law. The woman slaps her right across her face, and she starts twirling around, spinning like a Beyblade, until she spins halfway across the room, into some curtains. She then proceeds to grabs the curtains, ties it around her neck and starts choking herself. All this from a slap. HOW FAM??

In 1 drama, a girl has 2 guys fighting over her love. So she says “whoever can get me the moon from the sky, I’ll marry him”
This sounds like a bit of a hefty wedding gift from your own mans.
Here’s what happens.
The first mans, JUMPS from the ground to the moon or smtn.
But this other man, he grabs a rope, throws it up, wraps it around the moon and pulls it down to Earth…

I swear, the script writers need a payrise cause this is top tier story telling.

I still won’t stop watching them. Even though they make 0 sense, idc, this is my guilty pleasure now.

Y’all take care 🙂
Peace and love!

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Mommy Rope Game fly in the air using a rope at every point
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I love this game so cool and I especially love papi playtime and my favorite character from Puppy Playtime chapter 2 is Mommy Long Legs thank you so much for letting me have this game
117 people found this review helpful


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